Thursday, May 23, 2013

Robotech RPG Tactics

Updated 20 FEBRUARY 2015

This blog will be a list, updated when necessary, of OTHER cool sites and pictures of Robotech RPG Tactics stuff.  This includes pictures of your miniatures, paint schemes, assembly, videos of stuff, etc, etc.  Basically anything I think folks want to see I'll throw a link to here.  Email me pics or links, or add a comment, and I'll update this core page.  I do not anticipate ever posting blog like comments on here, it'll always just be a list of RRT resources.

For now, I'll post my own dropbox pics I took at Gencon and during my miniature assembly after:

LINK This was a bunch of cards I put together right after the KS started and we saw a single card up.  Its inaccurate now, but it is still online for the heck of it.  

LINK Tons of pics of the miniatures at Gencon 2014, AND scans of the cards, AND a readable copy of the rules.

LINK Unboxing Video Part 1
LINK Unboxing Video Part 2
LINK Various rambling on miniatures I had assembled

LINK Some cards I made for things like an A-10, M1A2 TUSK, Transformers Starscream, Macross II, etc.  Nothing serious, just for fun

LINK My own interpretation of RRT rules

LINK Palladium Forums, the guys who made RRT.  (Ban Happy Site)

LINK Current RRT Forums, probably the best place to post today

LINK Pics of most Macross stuff in scale

LINK Reddit RRT Thread

LINK Sprue Reference PDF

LINK The core rules, indexed, OCR'd, and only like 20mb.

LINK Dropzone commander buildings shrunk to 6mm and made to fit on paper a bit better. 

LINK These are Michael Arnold's custom cards, they are much more usuable than the cards that come with them, and have some additional options for custom units.

LINK The freebie stuff Palladium books has released for download

LINK The Palladium official living FAQ Thread on their super-ban forums

If you want to add some link to this list, email me and I'll add it if I think others may like it.  Or I did make a Robotech subforum on my barely maintained and hardly used phpBB at LINK where you can post something.

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